articles on infoshops

Here are some articles about infoshops in the US from a variety of different perspectives:

“Recipes for a Successful Infoshop”, by the SubRosa Collective [2011]

A Santa Cruz, CA infoshop analyzes the lessons they’ve learned and the strategies they’ve used around physical space, getting started, intentions, finances, staffing, and other areas.

“Building A New Kind of Infoshop”
, by the Burrow Collective [2010]

This article discusses the creation of a new infoshop in Winona, MN, which combines an public event space, zine/resource library, and social center with an anarchist collective house.

“5 Steps to Reviving your Failing Anarchist Bookstore” by Absolutely Critical [2010]

This analysis by an “anarchist consulting think tank” offers criticisms and proposes specific concrete solutions to the problems that frequently plague infoshops,  with some (reasonably constructive) discussion in the comments following.

“Attack of the Blue Meanies”, by Jesse Palmer [2008]

From the Slingshot zine; discusses the FBI raid on the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley.

“Your Friendly Neighborhood Infoshop”, by Chuck Munson [1998]

A classic article by the founder of on the definition, structure, and role of infoshops, with some useful history of the US infoshop movement in the 1990s.

“Street Libraries: Infoshops and Alternative Reading Rooms”, by Chris Dodge [1998]

A perspective on infoshops through the lens of a librarian, with some European context but mostly US-focused.

“Demise of the Beehive Collective: Infoshops Ain’t the Revolution”, by Brad Sigal [1995]

An article from the Love and Rage Federation’s newspaper critically evaluating a Washington, DC infoshop (not to be confused with the currently existing radical art & design collective from Maine) and reflecting on the role of counter-institutions, movement building, and revolutionary strategy.

“Building a Cohesive Vision for Infoshops”, by Sprite

A very late 90s rant from a Chicago-based infoshop participant about the importance of defining the role of infoshops as counter-institutions in relation to broader anarchist & liberation struggles.

Also, the Slingshot! Collective’s Radical Contact List provides the most up-to-date listing of radical space, including many infoshops.

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The Infoshop Project

The Infoshop Project will explore the role of the infoshop in radical social movements in North America. It will entail two primary parts, a blog/website and a book. The blog/website will be an ongoing and participatory project featuring profiles and information about existing infoshops. The book will explore the history behind the infoshop movement in North America, the roles infoshops play in radical and anarchist communities today and the different themes that influence them, and their future. The project as a whole will focus on assessing the potentials and limitations of the infoshop model, in order to strengthen our capacity to build infrastructure for resistance and liberation in North America.


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